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Xenomelia or altered body self-consciousness – some studies and a blog

Xeonemlia is the feeling that one of your limbs is foreign and the desire to amputate it. It is also known as body identity integrity disorder (BIID).

It’s a bit of a tangent, but the relationship between these feelings and the alienation many trans people feel from their body is fascinating.

Right now I want to focus on “brain sex” and subjects more closely related to gender dysphoria, so I’ll just share the links for now. Luckily, these studies are not behind pay walls.

This is a study of the brain structures of people with xenomelia. It includes a fascinating discussion of how xenomelia might work as well as information on the history of science in this area. (It can take a couple of minutes to get through to the full article.)

The desire for healthy limb amputation: structural brain correlates and clinical features of xenomelia.

This is a study of brain activity in people who wish to amputate a leg. It includes fascinating information on how they respond to sensations. The authors suggest that people with BIID have heightened responsiveness to sensations.

Neural Basis of Limb Ownership in Individuals with Body Integrity Identity Disorder.

This study is more of a discussion of the history of research and thought about xenomelia.

Xenomelia: a social neuroscience view of altered bodily self-consciousness.

This is an article about the research in this area.

Negative Phantom Limbs?

And finally, this is a blog on Bodily Integrity Identity Disorder. It includes articles on possible causes, treatment, and ethics.

Unwanted Limb(s) – Self-amputation