Most Autistic People Have Normal Brain Anatomy – Neuroskeptic |

Neurosceptic has a good article up about an important new study of brain structure and autism.

The study found very few differences between the brain anatomy of people with autism and people without it. It was a large study and calls into question earlier studies that found differences.

A troubling finding was that when they made the sample size smaller, they found more differences.

Since brain studies of gender identity involve small samples, this raises an important question: are we seeing real differences, or would they disappear with a larger study like this one?

There are some questions for this new study of autism, of course. A few points from the blog and comments:

There may still be other differences in the brain, either smaller brain structures or differences in function.

It could be that there is more than one type of autism and they look different in brain scans.

The study only looked at people with autism who were high-functioning; perhaps that made a difference.

Anyhow, enjoy Neurosceptic’s article:

Most Autistic People Have Normal Brain Anatomy – Neuroskeptic |